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    3-inch mini figure limited edition
leader of Sovietka (one of the six lands of the Tenebrae)
Welcome to Sovietka, the land beyond the Horror Forrest, where witchcraft and mechanical wonders merged together in a unique amalgam. Ruled with an iron fist by the tiny Feo Fan, this third faction in the Tenebrae might disrupt the power balance in the land of the shadows. With his army of Ruby Paladins and secret alliances with members of both rival lands, Feo Fan is a force to be reckoned with.

Supreme ruler of the land of Sovietka, Feo Fan is a obscure mentalist and wizard with a unique visionary talent for creating mechanical wonders. FeoFan has personal vendetta against the Cursed Twins

3 inches soft vinyl figure, limited edition.
Prototype sculpted in clay  hand casted  and hand painted and produced in china. 
Character and Cardboard design by PO! 
Produced by Idea.me and Tiburcio 

Embrace the tenebrae