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    THERMOX UV INTENSE PHOTOCHROMIC COATINGS - Light (UV) Reactive Coating available in Acrylic, 2K, Latex, Screenprinting Ink & more.
Here is a quick demo piece of how our Thermo X Hyper UV Light Reactive Transitional Colour Paints change as the UV (Sun) light intensity changes. As the light gets brighter and more intense, so does the colour. Under low light and in shadows it instantly reverts to a clear revealing the base coat or graphics underneath (in this case, white). The video shows a demo on how quickly and dramatically the colour changes under light.

Our paints can be used on everything from car plastics to cars, ornaments to house/business walls. You can also use it alongside other coatings such as over airbrush artworks and vinyl wraps to reveal the artworks under low light. Give it a try and you will be absolutely amazed at the effect!! http://www.thermox.com.au