Piazza Culturale d' alessandria 
Type                    : Commercial and Entertainment

Location             : Alexandria, Egypt.
Client                  : Segma real estate
Date                    : November 2010

Piazza culturale d' alessandria is a public cultural space located at the central district of the city of Alexandria, as mahatet el raml is one of the amazing historical areas in Alexandria characterised by the old elegant architectural styles.
This project is a reuse for the old Bouderoux restaurant, attached to it the open central area between the buildings, It's aim is not only the renovation of the place, It's real aim is the revival of the cultural spirit of the past ages.
The space integrates various types of activities, it offers live oriental music play & Documentary film shows in addition to the restaurant services , food & drinks. 
You can also go there just to have a relaxing seat beside the fountain enjoying the landscape & the fresh air.The landscape elements, materials & furniture are harmoniously combined to provide the place with a relaxing warm atmosphere.
Location map & Masterplan
Seating area
Flower shop
Piazza entrance
Fountain seating area
Central seating area
Harp & Piano zone