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    Illustrations autour du handicap. Nous sommes tous un petit peu handicapé. Et alors?
Les Sans Pareils / La différence exprimée
Les Sans-Pareils est une collection de livres qui revendique la « Différence » en intégrant la notion du handicap. Une série de dessins présente une traduction graphique des émotions et montre la richesse de la diversité et de nos différences. Chaque livre présente un personnage qui exprime son ressenti, ses angoisses, sa singularité à travers un message simple et poétique. Cette collection s’adresse aux personnes de tous âges sensibles à cette question. Elle prend la forme d’une série de livres et d’une édition collector.

"Someone Unlike, Someone to Like" is a collection of books in praise of « Difference », incorporating the concept of Disability. A series of drawings, graphic transcriptions of emotion, express the richness within diversity and difference.Each book features a character who expresses his feelings, his anxieties, his uniqueness , through a direct, poetic visual message. This collection is for all children , as well as adults who may be sensitive to this issue.
This collection is presented as a series of books , and includes one collector’s edition.

I am lunatic, so what? 
My feelings change all the time
As the moon
I am happy
I am not happy
We make war? 
I am down in the dumps
I have butterflies in my stomach
I have my feelings in my socks
We make peace ?
I am no-seing, so what? 
My antenneas are out.
I am feeling my way
My hands see
I am all ears
My ears are my antennas
My dog Cesar, he is my friend, my eyes
We are only one person
To beat of blind man's bluff
My foot feels
It's like seeing black
I am timide, so what ? 
Erase me
Ii shake like a leaf
Sweaty hands
To much emotions
You don't see me anymore
I am deaf, so what ? 
I speak fastly
I see better than anyone
Deaf like a post
My tinnitus
You have 392 beauty-marks
I speak with my hands
I feel vibes
I read on your lips
I am hypochondriac, so what ? 
I am fascinated by virus
Always tired
I am sick from head to toe
Germs are all around me
My stomach crumbles
I am congested
I have something strange
I am better