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Stranger Things: A Tribute to Netflix Latest Smash Hit
Like a great many of you, we absolutely LOVED Netflix new suspense, sci-fi, horror thriller, "Stranger Things" by the Duffer Brothers.  We fervently devoured all 8 episodes in a massive binge-watching session and we came out the other side motivated to pay homage to it.  This week we will be sharing some posters from the Posse as we channel the inspiration from the series that left us wanting more.  (And cheering when we heard they got signed up for season two… COME BACK ELEVEN!!!)   If you HAVEN'T seen it yet, check out the intense first 8 minutes below.
by Mike Mahle
by Daniel Nash

by Matt Needle
by Doaly
by Chris Garolalo, below is the glow in the dark layer

Glow in the dark layer by Chris Garofalo
by Andy Fairhurst

by Laurie Greasley
by Rich Davies
by Arian Noveir

by Arian Noveir

by Thomas Walker
Variant by Thomas Walker
by Ben Mcleod

by Luke Butland
by Patrick Connan
Variant by Patrick Connan

by The Dark Inker
Take a moment to come check out all the phases from this project over on our OFFICIAL WEBSITE  (Use the links below) We included a bunch of great videos and images from the series.
Stranger Things: A Tribute to Netflix Latest Smash Hit