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    "A World Within", a papercut colour swatch book for Fedrigoni's 'Imaginative Colours' tool.
Fedrigoni, "A World Within"
A Respond to YCN 2012 Competition Brief
The Fedrigoni family has been part of the paper world since 1717, when the San Colombano paper mill was set up in Vallarsa-Rovereto, Italy. Over the years, Fedrigoni have consistently been at the forefront of the paper industry, pioneering the techniques and processes that make paper the beautiful, versatile medium it is. Fedrigoni has been refining the art and science of making fine-quality special papers, producing striking surfaces, tactile textures and vivid colours - paper that can be pressed, bent, cut and folded into almost any form you can imagine. Fedrigoni papers are ultra functional and, at the same time, wonderfully expressive. They can shock and surprise, or soothe and reassure. They can demand your attention or retire gracefully into the background.

‘Imaginative Colours' tool

The tool consists of four fan style paper booklets, divided into sections of: warm, cool and neutral colours. The tool contains a total of 262 samples of paper which enable graphic designers to choose the best shade and or most suitable surface for their next publication, packaging design, brochure, label, etc.

The Challenge
The challenge is to create a campaign which will ensure the entire UK design industry hears about the paper selection tool, and is inspired to use the papers for their very next project.

My Idea is to keep the papers alive by creating a world within the 'Imaginative Colours' tool. I wanted to design something which designers could play, mix and match with and enjoying the process at the same time. Besides that, I also wanted to show Fedrigoni's striking surfaces, textures, colours and sustainability, altogether at once in the tool. Therefore this idea of having a world within the 'Imaginative Colours' tool came up, with every design expressing Fedrigoni's paper qualities. All the layers are drawn, traced, and then hand cut to create one of the 'Imaginative Colours' tool, the cool colours.

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