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    A music packaging collection completed for Austin based group The League of Extraordinary Gz.
Cover for "That Ain't Right"
Cover for the "Loftin n Austin (Chopsteak Remix)"
Cover for "Alright"
Front cover for "Concealed Weapons"
Back cover for "Concealed Weapons"
Concealed Weapons tee mock up, front.
Concealed Weapons tee mock up, back.
In 2009 I created a web cover for a song by an Austin based group for a song entitled “That Aint Right.” The design reflects the songs content and incorporates the chorus, which says:
“Everybody wants to be what they see on that TV screen, but that ain’t life, the mansions and the money, no that ain’t like how they really living.”
Some of the group members of the artist collective saw the cover online and later contacted me to complete a series of covers for some upcoming singles as well as an EP. A music video was later completed by Austin based director/photographer, OG.

I try to limit my work with independent hip-hop artists to those who I feel are moving the genre forward and the street smart lyrics mixed with their down south content and attitudes inspired me to create some of my favorite work completed in 2009.