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    Hardware development for a series of paragliding flight instruments.
Elementary flight
The Element series is a range of paragliding flight instruments, called "vario", from entry to intermediate level. Depending on the instrument, it informs the pilot of their climb/sink rate, GPS location, position and navigation within a route, their speed, etc. 
Flytec launched the Element in 2014 and since then I have been involved in the development of the complete Element range.
Element Alto - keyboard, screen design, menu navigation
For the Element Alto - the beginner's vario - I developed the keyboard layout and design, the LCD layout, as well as the interaction between the two, i.e. navigation through the user menu.
Element Speed - keyboard, screen repurposing
The Element Speed - a beginner's to mid-level vario - got a new keyboard and its screen was repurposed from its older brother, the Element Track, to display information specific to the Element Speed.
Element Track - keyboard touch up
The most complex of the three varios in the range got a touch-up of its keyboard (to be launched with a later production run).