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    Stationery suite for the Fire Museum of Maryland
Fire Museum of Maryland
Stationery Suite
The Fire Museum of Maryland is a non-profit organization in Lutherville, Maryland. It holds the third largest collection on display of any fire museum in the world, consisting of forty-two antique fire apparatus, memorabilia, fire-fighting equipment, models, and photographs. Not only is the museum a cool place to visit, but they also offer educational tours and outreach programs.
My re-design of their identity began with their logo. The goal for the design of the mark was to make it appeal to both the adults interested in visiting the museum, as well as children who get excited about fire trucks and fire fighters. As a seal, the logo references honorary badges that fire fighters receive, and holds a historical value as well. The serif typeface also holds its own historical value, and is a more strong, bold typeface than the others so that it reads more legibly on a curve around the seal. Inside of the seal is an illustration of a fire fighter to appeal to the younger crowd, while also serving as a visual acknowledging that the museum is all about past and present fire trucks and fire fighters.