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    Eclipse 322 Golf Greens Mower Develop a sustainable greens mower solution for users globally
Jacobsen Eclipse
Global and Sustainable Product Innovation
Becoming an Extension of the Jacobsen Team

Professional turf care is a global business. Golf courses in Europe, Asia, and North America rely on advanced equipment to maintain the perfect greens and fairways that golfers demand. But greens mowers had changed little since 1968. Jacobsen, an industry leader, had a vision to revolutionize the industry with a mower that met the wide-ranging needs of users around the globe, and set a new standard for environmental sustainability. Jacobsen’s engineering team needed a partner to help design and engineer the mower’s user touch points—from the ergonomics of the cab and controls to the aesthetics of the body panels. Jacobsen turned to BOLTgroup to help realize their vision.
The Challenge: Global and Sustainable

Global users presented the team with myriad operator sizes and cultural backgrounds. By combining user research in the US, Asia, and Europe with human factors studies, the product design team developed a strategy for improving comfort, safety, and productivity for operators everywhere. Research also highlighted the challenges of daily maintenance, including high-pressure hose downs to wash away grass clippings. Body panels had to be designed to protect electrical systems during wash down while allowing easy access for service. Jacobsen’s bold decision to eliminate gas / diesel power in favor of electric and hybrid systems meant the creation of a mower that significantly reduces air and noise pollution.
The Innovations and Results

BOLTgroup product innovations include an ergonomic cab design—suitable for operators throughout the world. The cab wraps the operator for safety and adjusts for individual comfort. The control arm positions controls intuitively for easy use—and the arm pivots to allow quick exit in an emergency. The mower deck, usually metal, is molded with a non-slip surface and integrated fenders, providing a convenient step for entering the cab. Sculpted body panels enhance the Jacobsen brand by establishing a strong design language—now being adopted for Jacobsen’s complete line of mowers. The results of these innovations are increased safety, comfort, and performance for international users along with a recognizable image that supports the Jacobsen brand. Introduced to the market in December 2009, the Eclipse 322 is a resounding success with sales that have surpassed expectations.