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    Branding for an Ice Cream out of Encinitas, California
Branding with Website and Brochure
Millie’s was created by renowned chef Susan Sbicca. For health reasons, she transformed her diet from the Standard American Diet to a mostly raw, vegan diet. Unfortunately (or fortunately), her finely-tuned taste buds weren’t satisfied with the frozen desserts available to her, so she developed her own raw vegan gelato, Millie’s.

Our main goals when creating this logo were to make the customer understand how great this gelato tastes and giving those with dietary restrictions a rich, creamy dessert that everyone can enjoy together.
We chose vibrant colors to imply the celebratory and social environment ice cream and gelato provides. We created soft, flowing looking type to express the sweet creamy texture of gelato and the leaves describe health.
When we set out to create an e-Commerce site for Millie’s, we had two goals:

First, make this website reflect the Millie’s brand accurately. More specifically, create pictures that look friendly, social, sun-shiny. Write copy that reads as though you were reading a note from a friend. Develop a layout that appears clean and simple, but vibrant and full of life.

Secondly, we wanted to create an experience that is easy and fun, so a viewer can learn more about Chef Susan Sbicca, Millie’s Gelato or purchase pints for delivery without getting lost.

We are proud to say that we feel both goals were met. Our client has been given the knowledge to add new flavors and new information as necessary, so as her business grows (which it is!), the site can continue to grow with her.

If you haven’t done so, click to view the site & pick up a few pints! It’s fabulous!