Bank offers too many options and usually clients don’t use them simply because they don’t know they exist.

Show available options and engage clients into using them (and thus save client’s time and money)

This was a task for one of our internal Hackathons, and we came up with idea of gamification: according to client’s tarification plan, we showed the progress bar (in percent) and gave them achievement points for using more options. The goal is to get 100%.

Our first prototype was created in just 24 hours (during Hackathon) and our team earned 1st place for this solution. We provided fully operational prototype, so, a huge crowd of our colleagues run to look at their score while we were presenting it. There was a kind of slight competition between them, which proved the idea of gamification right there: it became obvious that idea works.

Prototype had rough design, and after polishing the project as a whole we turned back to design, and here’s our process and results.