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    Photography of Roger Armstrong, Cleburne, Texas
Roger Armstrong, Photographer
I am a 3rd generation photographer, having lived in Johnson County for most of my life, where I grew up on our family’s farm.  Among my earliest memories are of my Grandfather’s darkroom in the dairy barn. It was a mysterious and magical room that was off limits to young rowdy boys.
Through the years from high school, through college and my working life, I have followed the path that is the American Dream; marriage, having a family and career. Along with all that, there has always been a creative urge that has always begged to be expressed.
As a young man, I spent several years in leather working, from saddles, tack, chaps, belts, to all sorts of leather accessories. Later I took several drafting college courses with the thought of building design and drawing in mind. There came a time when I realized my creative “side” interests would not support my family’s needs, I decided to let it go and pursue other recreational activities instead. (Mainly golf).
My photography had always been like that of my Dad and Grandfather before me, documenting a growing family, friend and family events, travels and the like. When digital cameras began to come into their own, seeing the quality of the images that could be created, I took a serious interest, and dove in head first.
My path in photography has been one of learning and practicing everything I can about cameras, lenses, lighting, technical and composition aspects, post processing, printing and presentation. I have found studying the history of photography and the great photographers of the past has given me a great appreciation of the craft. Modern technology has not made the old ways irrelevant, it has just expanded the possibilities of creating art from photography.
I have received several awards, magazine and calendar publications. While I “cut my teeth” on many different and varied photographic subjects, my main focus is people. I am available for limited bookings for portraits, seniors, families, business headshots, commercial photography and events.
I am currently seeking to collaborate with models, actors, re- enactors and characters of all types to create character studies in both film and digital art. If you are interested in “styled” shoots or adding to a portfolio, please feel free to contact me.