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    Saunair is an imaginary airline dedicated to Shvitzing

Particularly in Russia, the banya is a centrifugal part of the community - evoking camaraderie within a pleasant contrast from the harsh winters outside. 
The banya took on a key role in America at the turn of the century, as many Jewish immigrants from Russia and the Ukraine settled in cities on the East Coast. The act of sweat bathing took on the yiddish word "shvitz", meaning literally "to sweat". Soon, the trend of shvitzing became prominent in large cities along the Eastern seaboard, and other areas where there was a strong Eastern European influence. 


"As the first airline to bring the shvitz to the skies, our mission at Saunair is to revitalize the aviation industry by offering our passengers unconventional luxury, rejuvenation, adventure, and camaraderie."