Childcare for the Arab World
Childcare for the Arab World
Proposal for creche design using the theories of 'Evidence Based Design'.
This research and proposal was carried out working for Murray O'Laoire architects in conjunction with a Irish developer based in Bahrain, who was bidding for the roll-out of childcare facilities in the country.

Creche design is a new concept in the Arab world, where the mother and family have traditional been the main care providers to their children. With change in demographics and an increasing number of women joining the workforce, design planning was required to consider how to best provide these facilities, given the context, climate, cultural norms and international standards.

Below are a series of slides that analyze what the child's needs are, the organizational design of a creche, environmental considerations, prefabricated construction techniques and adaptable proposals depending on the requirements and scale of the operation.
Childcare for the Arab World