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    Showroom design for Mannington Commercial at Neocon 2016
Here today, gone tomorrow
When Mannington approached Widgets & Stone to design not just a showroom, but an experience, for their centennial year at NeoCon 2016 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, we knew it would be an exciting yet challenging project to tackle. 

Widgets & Stone devised a “pop up” showroom that completely transforms between Day 1 and Day 2, from the floor to the ceiling. With careful planning and strategy, a hide and reveal system was employed so that both days of displays could be installed all at once for easy transition. The two different showroom experiences would drive repeat traffic to the showroom both days, as well as maximize the relatively small 2200 square foot space to show the versatility of Mannington’s products. 

Day one was an energetic mosaic of color, infused with cultural inspiration from New York, Mexico City, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Chicago, with a distinctly urban feel.  
On day two, the same space morphed into an elegant, sophisticated showroom featuring lovely moments drawn from nature–from the grand scale of topography to the intimacy of a blown dandelion.
The result was unprecedented traffic in the showroom, greater brand awareness, and happy reps. 

To see more about how we changed the flooring, displays, wall colors, upholstery and more, overnight, watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Pzi_fX0G6e8

Click here to take a virtual tour of the Day One showroom and here for the Day Two Showroom.

Creative Direction: Mandy Meredith; Designers: Mandy Meredith, Liz Tapp, Travis Hitchcock, Mark Slawson, Laura Michael, Stephanie Fast; Fabrication and installation: Range Projects.