Of Flowers and Fly
Recent sketches during the month of May
It has been a very busy few months. After blowing the dust off my sketchbook, I felt it necessary to give my laptop a bit of a rest. As the old saying goes; April showers bring May flowers.

...errrrr. And flies with lobster claws...
The first of my concentration of flowers. I've got to admit I've become seriously obsessed with botany as of recent. You'll definitely see a bunch of pieces this summer that have a very flowery direction.
More flowers! Maybe it's the sun and beautiful weather that is getting into my head and frying my brain. 
I wanted to create a random insect for a big wall cut out. This guy is actually 3 ft. tall. I'm still cutting him out ( and running out of razor blades at an alarming rate!) and painting him up. 

I pray this insect never exists in real life. Two pinchy claws and a sting-a-ma-jig!
Kill it dead I say! All of them!