Jungle Life series

This series was also commissioned by the Coromandel. 
(It is a German company that sells an organic fashion artickles wich draw the biggest problems of the current Earth people's attention.)

My work aims to protest against the destruction of virgin forests and to draw attention to the deforestation of the beautiful variety of vegetation. This enviromental damage will also wipe out many beautiful and rare species of animals because their habitats are destroyed. The foliage of the forests hides a wide range of beautiful animals. I chose the colors in order to draw the viewer's attention to their beauty, wich is maybe in real life not so vibrant and colorful, in fact they often rather want to blend in with the scenery. But I wanted to show how these unique creatures are hiding in the dense vegetation of a virgin forest. The four motifs of the series were created with different color combinationts of watercolors.

akvarell, pen drawing, ink