Bachelor Project 2012
Bachelor Project 2012
Movies That Matter
This is my BA project, made at the School of VIsual Communication. The project is fictive and is not used in real life. The pictures used in the project was found on under the Creative Commons license,

Movies That Matter is a documentary-film and debate festival in the city of Den Haag, in The Netherlands. The subject of the movies is humans and human-rights, My goal was to make a clean identity for the festival, and make a campaign to get more young people at the festival. My main target group was the young people at the universities in Den Haag, the leaders of tomorrow.
I use 4 colours in my project, the yellow is the main colour and symbolise all the main stuff from the festival. The red colour is the colour of the movies, and the blue is the colour of debates/talkshows.
The title for the campaign is Real Stories, and the idea is to show real pictures from different movie genres. Instead of showing the stereotypical Disney picture of a a pirate, I’m showing a a real somalian pirates. The pictures used on the poster should be pictures from movies, which all are showed on the festival.
The magazine contains articles, movie and debate profiles and the program of the festival. The website contains all the stuff you need to know about the festival, you will be able to see trailers of the films of the festival, you will be able to buy tickets, dvds and other merchandise on the website. You will also be able to see when the movies are shown and which cinemas you have to go to.
The iPhone app is the magazine and the website merged in to one. Buy your ticket on the phone and let the map show you the way to the cinema, while you are reading about the movies in the iPhone magazine.
The idea behind the Facebook fan page is to let the users tell their story. The “likers” are able to upload pictures, videos and/or text telling their story. The person who tells the best story will win a price.
At the bottom of the project you see some t-shirts, which are using the same concept as the campaign, you are now able to have your own Real Pirate t-shirt.

The last pictures shows the tickets for the movies. The picture shows you a scene from the movie you are going to watch, and you will have the QR-code scanned when you enter the cinema.