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    this is about pokemon go tips and tricks to play the game efficiently and effectively
One of the keys to GO Pokémon Gyms are represented by: The tricks and tips to become a 'Cape' absolute. Together with PokéStop, the Gyms represent the other major point of interest that you can find on maps: a difference, though, of PokéStop, joining a gym does not give awards, but allows, fighting, to get the PokéMonete, the currency of the game that allows you to make major purchases.First, it should be stressed that it is necessary to access Gyms reach Level 5 and immediately after choosing one of the teams in which enter: the teams are characterized by colors, Red, Yellow and Blue.

The features of the GO in Pokémon Gyms: tips and tricks

The Gyms in GO Pokémon can have three basic characteristics:

the 'Empty' are indicated by white and means that are not yet occupied by any coach and therefore can be 'conquered' effortlessly from first to arrive
The 'Friends' are indicated by team color to which we belong
the 'rivals' are obviously reported by another color

How do you fight in Pokemon GO Cheats Gyms : tips and tricks

The first tip to fight in the gymnasiums of GO Pokémon is to carefully analyze the types of Pokémon that are in them. These are the two factors to analyze:

* the so-called 'Battle Points' : our Pokémon should have a fairly high level, otherwise it will be defeated very easily
* the types of moves : Pokémon may have special moves that can defeat a much stronger monster as a 'Battle Points'
Therefore we must carefully analyze both coefficients before embarking on a fight.

How to win the battle in the Pokemon Go Cheats Gyms: tips and tricks

The clash in the gymnasiums of GO Pokémon (but also in general, of course) it is in real time and not by the dynamic shift. Key, then, is the timing to avoid the attacks that will come from enemies and each phase of combat is manageable via the touchscreen. There are three basic actions that can be done:

* the normal attack : this is the first move that is available to our Pokémon, to launch this type of attack just 'plug' continuously - the success of these shots allows you to load the special attack
* special attack when the bar reaches the maximum, you can launch the 'super slam' by holding the touchscreen
* dodge : a stroke on the touch screen or to the right or left, you can avoid the hits of an opposing Pokémon - the important thing is practice and timing

How to conquer the enemy in Pokemon Go Cheats Gyms tips and tricks

The first clashes, most likely, will manifest no major effects: it is important to know that the fighting in thegymnasiums of GO Pokémon still yield an increase of the 'Battle Points', and if you win either if it is defeated. The main advice is mainly to gain experience: to become good at dodging and increase the 'Battle Points' (always keeping an eye out for special moves) of its Pokémon. When you challenge a Gym 'rival', in case of victory it diminishes more and more the prestige and when it reaches zero, the Gym is liberated from the former occupants and conquered by the 'new' occupant.

How and why fight in Gyms 'allies' in Pokemon GO cheats: tips and tricks

One option GO Pokémon is that it can also challenge the Gym 'allied' (that is, that belong to our own team). When there is a collision, and you were to win it, you can enter their Pokémon winner to defend the same gym. There are advantages and disadvantages:

advantages : you get objects and PokéMonete besides experience points
Disadvantages : Pokémon that we have assigned to Gyms are no longer available to us for other fights or evolutions and upgrades

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