Pixel To Print Magazine (University Final Project)
Pixel to Print is a magazine that showcases creative talent found online in a unique way. I wanted the layout to be different from most magazines, so the first issue would be contained inside a tote bag. With the popularity of online magazines at the moment, with this magazine, I wanted to show the benefits of print and how good it can be to hold something in your hands, rather than show it on a computer screen.
As the contents of the magazine were inside the bag, I used the front of the bag as the magazine cover. For this front cover I illustrated all the different things I had used during the project, CDs, computers, pencils, pens, etc. I put these illustrations around the simple logo I designed. I wanted the logo to be just typography, like most magazine titles are and I wanted it to be blocky and stand out.
For the artist interviews, I used a layout which I thought would show the artists work best. Each was a booklet, which contained two interviews from certain artists/designers. The booklets then unfolded to reveal a poster of one of the artists. I asked these artists and designers 'what does art and design mean to you?' and put each of their answers on a postcard. Once these postcards were turned over and placed together, they made an A2 poster, which the reader could assemble and put on their wall. The poster was a quote about design from Oscar Wilde.
Also included in the magazine was a small booklet named 'We heart', this contains film reviews, app reviews and other things that would interest creative people.

My Issue one cover design and what it looks like on a tote bag.
Artist interviews shown as an online magazine (rather than their actual format) so the interviews can be read.
'We Heart' booklet, which is also contained in the bag.
The A2 poster, which is created when all the 'what does art and design mean to you?' postcards are turned over and placed together.
My work at my final exhibition in University.
The contents of the magazine were meant to look as if they were bursting out.
On the shelf I provided mini postcards of the Oscar Wilde quote poster I made, with a quote by me and my contact details on the back. There was also a bowl with stickers in and my business cards. Hanging off the shelf were three of my magazines for people to take a look at.