Allergy's Book of Poses
The idea is based on a simple true insight, which is when you suffer from allergy it is impossible to sleep normally, you will keep dancing in bed all night forming all kinds of weird shapes with your body because of itching. Spoofing on that, we created the art of sleeping with allergy, an art that need a lot of practice.

Agency: Ogilvy Cairo
Creative: Michael Habib, Khaled Sherbiny, Bassem Fahmy
Art Director: Michael Habib
Copy Writer: Khaled El Sherbiny
Photographer: Ahmed Othman
Illustrator: Ryaad
Production: Tamer Fouad
Retoucher: Hany Atef
Client Service: Noha Rashid, Mohsin Farid
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The Booklet
The idea of the poses was quite interesting, the client loved expanding it.
So we created a booklet to be placed at pharmacies and skin clinics for people to engage. The booklet shows many poses for people sleeping with allergy with a description on how to achieve such a pose!
And at the end of the booklet, a recomendation of Tavegyl is placed to relief you and to put an end to all of this.