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    Designs made in the flame fractal program Apophysis.
Fractal images start with mathematical formulas. A fractal program enables the artist to use visual representations of the image the formulas will calculate, and to manipulate them until they are pleasing to the artist. Then the artist saves a small program that the computer will use to render the final image. Some folks think that computers produce fractals. Computers do what they are told to do by the artist. The artist designs the image and is solely responsible for how it appears.

This series is under preparation for a time when I have my first solo exhibit. In it, I demonstrate the variety of images possible, as well as the variety in my vision. My vision is that art should be beautiful, and if it's ugly, it is not art.

Individual pieces in this collection are on exhibit in various galleries in different parts of the world.
Jeweled Bubbles Tanguy
This image is named in honor of Yves Tanguy, the French Surrealist, because it reminds me of the style of his paintings.
Magnificent Flames
Yellow Alien
This image was made in honor of a man who founded a web site and then was treated badly by his associates and driven out.
Cool Softness
Impassionate Flame
Third Dimension
Copper Techno
The name of this image is drawn from the fact that the colors used are the same colors used by some Native American weavers.
Polar Opposites
Sculpture in Motion
Silk 6
Tripartite 51
Fractal Tiles
Splash 3
School of Manta Rays
This is a combination of different flame fractals, that were put together in a paint program, together with the bubbles. Using fractals in collages is something I will be exploring more.