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    Uk's National Telephonists Day was observed on the 10th of March, marking the 138th Anniversary of the first ever telephone call made by Alexande… Read More
    Uk's National Telephonists Day was observed on the 10th of March, marking the 138th Anniversary of the first ever telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas Watson. This set of quite simple but cheerful illustrations was commissioned by a corporate company as part of their homage to their front desk team. It’s a guess-the-word game and every illustration relates to words, expressions or activities of a telephonist’s working routine. ________________ Solutions: 1 Communication 2 Connection 3 Email 4 Engaged 5 Social Engineering 6 Feedback 7 Headset 8 High standard 9 Layout 10 Professionals 11 Refreshments 12 Salutation! 13 Switchboard 14 Telephone 15 Voicemail 16 Impression More of it can be seen on the website: Read Less
1 - Image hint: Two people exchanging ideas or thoughts.
      Solution hint: The activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts,                     messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behaviour.
2 - Image hint: Cones in action.
      Solution hint: The state of being related to someone or something else.
3 - Image hint: Electric prop for letters.
      Solution hint: The system for using computers to send messages over the internet.
4 - Image hint: The letter N into a cage.
      Solution hint: Involved or busy doing something.
5 - Image hint: Happy hour of a particular group of people.
      Solution hint: The artificial controlling or changing of the groups within society..
6 - Image hint: Baby gets his food on his back.
      Solution hint: Information or statements of opinion about something, such as a new product,
     that can tell you if it is successful or liked.
7 - Image hint: Heads arranged and displayed.
      Solution hint: A set of headphones, especially one with a microphone fixed to it.
8 - Image hint: Heist and darts.
      Solution hint: Superior level of quality.
9 - Image hint: Resting outside.
      Solution hint: The way that something is arranged.
10 - Image hint: High skilled workers.
        Solution hint: People who are engaged or qualified for being very skilled in particular activities.
11 - Image hint: Cooling with mints.
        Solution  hint: The process of becoming rested and regaining strength or energy.
12 - Image hint: Station.
        Solution hint: A greeting in words or actions, or the words used at the beginning of a letter.
13 - Image hint: Prop with an extra feature.
        Solution hint: A system used to connect telephone calls with many separate phone lines in a building.
14 - Image hint: Telling something to a faun.
        Solution hint: A system for transmitting sounds (such as people's voices) over a distance
      by using wires and radio signals.
15 - Image hint: The sound coming from his mouth.
        Solution hint: System in which callers can leave recorded messages over the telephone;
      also the message left using this system.

16 - Image hint: Pressing the shin.
        Solution hint: An idea or opinion of what something or someone is like.
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