"We Are The Fallen"

Band Photos | 01, 02

A portrait of the band, We Are The Fallen.

The butterfly is a classic symbol of rebirth after death. I thought itwas appropriate, considering that most of the band are former membersof Evanescence.

Commissioned by Yunyu

Spirit. "Am I in your troubled mind, ever ever more?"
"Amy Lee"

Air. "I lie inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me."
"Ben Moody"

Collection of Ben Moody

Fire. "All of this hate and all of this pain. I'll burn it all down as my anger reigns."
"Courtney Love"

Earth.  "I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks."
"Kurt Cobain"

Water. "She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak."