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    Brand Environment/ Booth Design
Creative Direction, Production, Booth Design
Efrain Villa aka Master Builder doing some upholstery work. This guy can build anything!
We're in Dallas and the booth is in Vegas so we bought a scrap piece of slat wall to test all the displays. 
Testing the light boxes.
The light boxes installed and in full effect. The idea was to create a a case that draws attention. When participating in trade shows, it's important to stand out to attract potential buyers and press. The light effect also went really well with the overall brand image, as the products within the case are statement pieces themselves. 
Nameplates in front of the light box displays. (I even take a stab at a little copywriting)
Considering the location of the wall, our hottest timepiece, and the brand image, we decided to merchandise a wall that would make the most impact of its location. The wall includes the complete watch series, four iPads with a continuous loop of videos, inspirational images, and leather swatches. 
Black and brown leather swatches