komma 18
The 18th issue of the komma magazine deals with the topic »Collision«. This encounter of at least two parties, is often negatively connoted. However there is always something new created in the process. Even the most destructive collisions lead to insight about Mistakes and spur the need for improvement. Furthermore there can also be two different things profiting from each other by uniting to something new
Because of this komma 18 consists of two parts which represent different mindsets about design. For once there are the works of students that are most important, the design of the magazine is secondary. Contrary are interviews, guestartworks and editorial texts. Key-element here is the playful layout which breaks with formats, grids and design-habits to make every article as interesting as possible.

Both Parts in the Magazine as well as the artworks collide on their respective spreads. For each artworks we asked 2 Designers to create 50% of an artwork without knowing what the other does. This collision is further continued throught the foil book-sleeve on the cover which unites both mindsets.

The Issue does not take any position. It only shows that differences, or even contradictoryness do not neccesarily have to lead to rivalry or destruction. It can also make room for recombination, progress and coexistence.

komma 18