'When you're stuck in a hell-hole' 
. Creative Process / Inspirational Journal .
'When you're stuck in a hell-hole' is a project that aims to help creative individuals encounter their Creative Block. This is done so by encouraging them to turn to their respective environments and daily activities to search for fresh inspirations instead of turning to the usual Internet.
These inspirations gathered could be used and transferred into image-making techniques. 
Therefore, this book is created to act as an inspirational journal for designers to turn to whenever they encounter a creative block. The entire process of this project is documented in this book right from the beginning of its theoretical research. It is followed on by the step-by-step photo documentations of each outcome - how their respective inspirations came from and how the outcome is being created. 
The book is self bound into signatures and sewn tightly followed on by glue to hold it securely. 
Look around you & be inspired!