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    Combine is a new font by CFCG for andinistas.net
Combine typefamily, designed by CFCG, 2016 | Buy Combine | Get the free DEMO Font ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Buy Combine | Get the free DEMO Font 
Combine, designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo G, is powerful and attractive, multi-layered chromatic type family that consists of 12 fonts, typographically grouped in two logics: “Script and Caps”, so that they could be colored separately or in group. Both designed with contrasting optical techniques and combinable at the same time.
The unforgettable central idea of Combine was inspired by unique types of speedball letters designed by ancient artists in Canadian posters of shows and fairs in 1930. This is why its Typographical tools work independently or in group, resulting in highly polished designs that need fonts with coupled effusiveness.
Their combined resources offer guaranteed distinguishing letters with shadow effects and worn, in order to help enhance their expressiveness. Combine is excellent in any project on paper or screen as it has more than 2100 glyphs and features of OpenType distributed strategically in fonts easy to use.
• Combine Script & Shadow:
It offers incredible case sensitive fluency and eloquence drawn with vertical cursive letters with ornamental non-stop excitement and complementation. It also has a variety of significant upward and downward, alternative strokes combined with its vintage ties that also give authenticity to their designs.
• Combine Caps 1,2,3 & Shadow1,2:
Guarantees you a colorful horizontal area of narrow case with 2 types of shadows, sound and other shade with diagonal stripes. Its geometric uniformity gives a friendly, open and subtle character by Typographic and special resources and visual properties coloring layers separately or in groups. In addition, its 2 layers of skeletal illuminations, adding internal lines and simultaneously contributing to play perfect confrontation and contrast with their geometric ideas and aesthetics for special attention.
• Combine Words & Shadow:
It can be used to design a perfect tone in each one of the 50 slogans written diagonally, making a brilliant feeling suggestive seductive style. Compatibility and flexibility works by monoline thin cursive strokes ideal for featured items with and without shade.
Combine was selected at the TL2016
Combine typefamily, designed by CFCG, 2016 | Buy Combine | Get the free DEMO Font 
Buy Combine | Get the free DEMO Font ​​​​​​​