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    Pitch project at McCann Zagreb
Zvečevo chocolates 01
Mikado - first version
This was a pitch project at the McCann Zagreb, which unfortunately, did not pass.

The first change that Mikado needed was its logo. I wanted to connect their famous chocolate history (they invented the first chocolate with rice) and their quality without literal representation. 
New typography is showing Mikado's tradition, quality, credibility and its style is not copying Japanese calligraphy, which is the case in their original logo.
The symbol that is part of the logo represents adaptation of original symbol of Mikado (i.e. ancient Japanese word for emperor). That symbol is connected with another famous Japanese icon, Geisha's sun umbrella. The logo also stands for world known hat of the rice pickers, which symbolizes Zvečevo's most important product - chocolate with ricce. Color combinations are red, white and black, that are colors of Japan and previous Zvečevo's standard colors.
With first version of packaging I wanted to show Mikado's long lasting tradition (over 90 years) so I tried to make it in that vintage style, to remind people of that "good, old times". 
Even though the design is minimalist, therefore more modern, vintage illustration and colors represent that distant years. Illustrations are similar to those ancient botanical books and herbariums.
Elements that add that vintage style are gold stamping (on premium and bitter chocolates) and "Art deco" and calligraphy typography choice.
Mikado Classic - examples
Mikado Premium - examples
Mikado Bitter - examples