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    Icons for mobile apps and web-services in different styles and sizes.
We can make icons for mobile apps and web-services in different styles and sizes.
Icons for “Licensario” internet service

Licensario” internet-service, providing software developers a convenient managed licensing solution, addressed us to create a set of icons to illustrate the main features of the project.
The icons we've made illustrate the seven major benefits of the service.
“Magtoapp” iPad-application icon

Magtoapp” is a service which allows you to create interactive magazines and newspapers for iPad. Each ne application gets new icon. The client requested us to make the default iсon.
Main menu icons for Innocentr site
“Magic 8 ball” virtual gift for “VKontakte”

We decided to practice in our spare time — to draw and to offer some alternative virtual gifts for “VKontakte” social network. One of the options came as the “Magic 8 ball”, widely popularized by the “Interstate 60” movie.
Graphic miniature pictures for “Wood Era” web-site

Webrover” company was urged to have attractive teasers for a wood-construction company website. We designed some graphic miniatures and as the company “Wood Era” constructs wooden houses – a number of miniature wooden cottage-houses were introduced to the web-site.
Litle trucks for “Tract” company website
Icons for “AZSTRASTSTROY” company site

We were requested to draw simple and understandable icons for major sections of “AZSTRASTSTROY” company new site.
Illustrations for “Yoga Day in Russia” index page

In association with “Hanuman.ru” we have participated in “Yoga Day in Russia” website design contest. They have chosen not our variant, but pics for the index page are still ok.
Graphics for site of "AZSTRASTSTROY"

Typical items, which are used to assemble explanatory schemata of main nodes of petroleum storage depots and gas stations on the company site.
Icons for “Volga-Kamsky Bank” web-site

For a new version of "Volga-Kamskiy Bank" web-site we've drawn a lot of small icons to depict each section of the menu.
Miniatures for the site "Mayak" group of companies

For the main and inner pages of “Mayak” website we've expanded the set of graphical thumbnails.
One of them
Icons for a bank ipad-application
Illustration for an English School "Friends" web-site.
Start menu icons for IPTV decoder interface
Icons of purchasing categories for the terminal of information&purchasing system “One.Touch”
“Nook” e-reader icon

Our Art Director reads a lot, and somehow he's got tired of dragging paper books. In addition, the bookstores of our city do not always have what he needs, and ordering hard-copy books to wait — not an option. So he came to the e-books — buys them by the iMobilco service.

Naturally, the question arose of selecting a device with an e-ink screen (so that his eyes did not get tired) — and «Barnes & Noble» Nook was chosen. (The company «B & N» was founded in 1873, today it is the largest U.S. book reseller with an impressive history of the development). In addition to convenience and price plus equipment — it is very beautiful (very steep and extremely delicate design). In our view, it is one of the best, most intelligent and qualitative bookreaders (Android OS). 

«Nook» soon become favored among us and it was decided to create an icon for it (book syncs and charges via mini-usb connection). We have drawn it and sent it to B&N with a suggestion to include it in the next firmware update for free. What if they will accept it?
Icon drawn in all necessary sizes
Icons for “CinemaDesign” website
Festive user icons for information & purchasing system "One.Touch"
Icons for the online counselling module of the “Central Agency of the Air Transportation” site
The Laboratory diagnostics icon for the one clinic web site
Plume for a mobile app

We have drawn a bright and illustrative plume for our favourite client. One of many of projects needed it.
Social networks icons for our site