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    SAT prep mobile application
Cracking the SAT one day at a time
Description:  This is a low-fidelity annotated wire frame made on Balsamiq Mockups

Challenge:  A mockup of a mobile app that allows students to prepare and study for the SAT test.  This app specifically focuses on SAT vocabulary.  The application can be used for both the SAT and ACT or any other types of tests focused on the memorization of vocabulary words.  

Process:  The process began by discovering thought processes and vision for the product.  I began by pinpointing the desired audience and brainstorming the best way to deliver this vision.  This process included the making of personas, sketches and wire frames. 
I chose to create a journey that allows the user to unlock their potential.  In other words, the users memorize their set amount of words each day that is based on when their test date is.   Once they feel ready, they are able to take a daily cumulative quiz. As the user passes these quizzes the next day becomes unlocked for them.  The user must work to memorize the set amount of words that is developed for them each day to stay on track.

Next steps would be testing and delivering a high-fidelity mock up or prototype.