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  • Monkey Beer.
    Thebeer of the music festival that happens in bars, not on big stages.
  • Challenge:
    Monkey Week is the biggest independent music festival in Spain.
    And what makes it so special?
    That it happens in bars around the city, not on big stages.
    We needed to communicate this unique feature to potential sponsors, partners and media.

    We decided not to do advertising, but to launch a beer brand: Monkey Beer.
    6 different beers inspired by some of the most amazing stories in music history.

    Each beer had a unique design and was delivered with the other five in a limited edition six-pack.
  • The most popular beer in the world, the Lager, inspired by the most popular song in history, Thriller.
  • A bitter beer inspired by the bitterest moment in grunge history: Kurt Cobain’s suicide.
  • A non-alcoholic beer inspired by all of the beers Amy shouldn’t have drunk in her life.
  • A blonde lager beer inspired by one of the most irresistible blondes ever, Pattie Boyd (at least for George Harrison and Eric Clapton).
  • A toasted beer inspired by the burning Montreux casino that originated Smoke on the water.
  • A dark beer inspired by the mourning clothes Johnny Cash invariably wore on stage all his life.
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