KayKhosrow Typeface & First Persian Color Font
"KayKhosrow" is a legendary king of the Kayanian dynasty and a character in the Persian epic book, Shahnameh. He was the son of the Iranian prince "Siavash".

First I want to say that this is not only a Persian/Arabic font, it also supports the Latin unique glyphs, too!

If you want to buy and download all these 15 fonts go here or here. (Persian users can go here and download them on my website.)

We have all seen the very big difference between Latin and Persian alphabets. One has vertical, almost isometric, mono-spaced letters and the other one has ups and downs on and off the baseline, also different weights and widths are another issue. When we use these two alphabets in a design, letters doesn’t match. But we accept that, because there was no other choice.

So, I decided to do something about this and I realized that I should change the Persian alphabet in a modern typographic way. I did these things:

1- Removed the connection between the letters. [All Persian (Arabic) letters are connected to each other unlike the Latin letters.] To do this I made the letters vertical oriented and separated from each other.

2- Once you decide to accomplish number 1, you realize that you should design the letters from scratch. So I did. Every single letter in this Persian alphabet is redesigned to fit this idea. But all of them are inspired by the original letters. Any Persian (Arabic) parson can read them. This is a typographic approach to design a modern Persian typeface.
3- After doing all of that, now there is no need to have 4 (or 2) forms for each letter. (Initial, medial, final and isolated glyphs) Therefore, this font performs like a Latin typeface and shows one form for each letter.
4- I also wanted to do this in an isometric and mono-spaced style. There are no angles except 90 degrees. I too, changed some of the Latin letters to reach this goal.
5- And to complete the fantasy, the typeface comes with 12 different styles! It enables the user to have a good experience with the typeface. The weights are:

I. KayKhosrow [Regular, Italic, Bold, Black, BoldItalic, BlackItalic]

II. KayKhosrowOblique [Regular]

III. KayKhosrowOutline [Regular]

IV. KayKhosrowRound [Regular]

V. KayKhosrowSmooth [Regular]

VI. KayKhosrowInline [Regular]

VII. KayKhosrowPurePersian* [Regular]

*Pure Persian style only produces pure Persian letters and also replaces Latin letters with phonetic ones, enabling all Persian people to write Persian words with Latin letters.
Two styles support Stylistic Alternates {salt}. It enables a little complex {salt} in Persian writings. When some glyphs in a customized class comes after Persian Kaf and Gaf, these 2 glyphs converts to LongKaf and LongGaf, only and if only the {salt} is set.
And finally the whole character set of all styles:
And this is the exciting part:
3 different "(multi)Color Font" styles (each has 3 ttf files: COLR, SVG, sbix) are also included. Color font is cutting-edge technology that is very rare at the moment. As you can see in the files I sent, these are not just layer fonts that you should combine them yourself, with KayKhosrow color fonts you can type “exactly” like the samples here. No editing, no further setting. (Please see the videos below)

For now SVG files work better on different platforms. Sbix is Apple proposal and COLR is Microsoft’s. Google has his own proposal and SVG is what Adobe and Mozilla are working on it to show (multi)color fonts.

5 different layers:
Each glyph in KayKhosrow color fonts has 5 different layers shown in the below picture:

1- White layer (Distorted & Round & Smooth combined) A distorted font style has designed for this.
2- Green layer (Bold)
3- Purple layer (Black)
4- Gray layer (Black)
5- Yellow blur layer (Based on Black)
3 styles:
The color font also comes in 3 different styles (slightly different):

1- Round 2- Distorted 3- Glowed

All KayKhosrow fonts as I mentioned before have exactly the same forms for initial, medial, final and isolated forms but the 2 color fonts are not like that! They have unique forms for each glyph. (You can see that in the videos)

By now, Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer Edge browsers and Windows 10 can show them in a color mode. The good thing about KayKhosrow color fonts is they have black and white fallback glyphs which loads automatically even you can’t see the color fonts.
KayKhosrowColored-Round color font
KayKhosrowColored-Distorted color font
KayKhosrowColored-Glowed color font
This font and its styles are pioneers in some aspects:

The first Persian-Latin font that brings exactly similar glyphs for the 2 languages.

The first Persian font with totally new detached glyphs.

The first Persian font with 12+1 different styles.

The first Persian font with a "Pure Persian" style, which you can write Pinglish or Persian in a new way.

The First Persian color font, ever!

All fonts are coming in ttt, otf and woff formats.

Persian (Arabic) typefaces are very poor when it comes to fantasy or display ones. I'd be glad if you share your comments with me.

Thanks for reading this,

If you want to buy and download all these 15 fonts go here  and here. (Persian users can go here and download them on my website.)

KayKhosrow Typeface & First Persian Color Font

KayKhosrow Typeface & First Persian Color Font

We have all seen the very big difference between Latin and Persian alphabets. One has vertical, almost isometric, mono-spaced letters and the oth Read More