The Tiny Dot isShadyside’s crown jewel of children's clothing. In fact, it’s hard towalk in to Shelley's storefront without emitting a string ofinadvertent “awwwws.” It’s just plain adorable. Bearded was called uponto create a web store that encompassed the same lovely vibe that shecreated in her storefront, and we were more than happy to oblige.

Inthe process we developed a new logo variation for use on the web site,and did an all-day shoot of the store for use with the site. The TinyDot’s new CMS-driven site is fully operable by Shelley through a simpleadministrative interface, where she can upload products, manage stock,and receive credit card orders through the site. While we were at it wealso helped her set up a small photography studio in her back room, soshe can photograph the new stock as it comes and add it to the web site.

Our next job with The Tiny Dot was to represent the store in printwith business cards, gift cards, birthday cards, and price tags. Wecreated a common theme for all the items with a polka dot backgroundpattern generated from one of our photos of the store's namesake:Shelley's daughter Dottie. The result is a Dottie-based dot pattern forThe Tiny Dot. The image is subtle, a secret photo that serves as agreat in-store conversation piece with customers.