Various illustrations – 2016
Cover illustration for the third issue of Obzornik, a Slovenian insurance company internal publication. The cover story was about continuous business services, referring to a process which operates in never-ending cycle.
AD: Vanja Hočevar
Spot illustrations for Elementi magazine, on subject of Anchoring effect in psychology.
AD: Milena Savić
Illustration for an article about different wine flavours, in Rondo Digital magazine.
AD: Magdalena Rawicka
Illustration for The Telegraph’s property section Q&A on buying a home with protected trees in vicinity.
AD: Anna White
Illustration for Umami, a chain of restaurants based in Zagreb, Croatia. Illustration was made as a part of a poster series which takes on curiosity and exploration of different tastes and flavours.
Illustration for RCSLT Bulletin, on article about social communication disorder.
AD: Karen Warren
Illustrations made as a part of infographic on the best hacks in Mr. Robot season 1.