Men Rebuilding is a community organization that was formed by my client, Kerry Grant. The purpose of this organization is to give men a platform to Unite their communities through mentorship, self reliance, and partnership. Kerry reached out to me to build a Logo that brings all of these values to life.


In order for me to gain the clarity necessary to build a Logo that exceeded Kerry's expectations, I had him fill out my Logo Design Questionnaire. The answers I received were nothing short of amazing and well thought out. He knew exactly what he wanted, and why. 

Knowing the "Why" is the most important aspect of a project because if you have no idea what you're doing it for and why, how will you be able to know if the project will be a success? After reviewing his answers, I KNEW this project was going to be a huge success!

We scheduled a phone call so the two of us can align and get on the same page. I then created aPintrest Vision Board specifically for this project, and got him to participate in what was the most interesting collaboration to date. 

With a vast variety of images and ideas to choose from, we decided which direction we wanted to go with. From the conceptual stages to the final design, Kerry was very direct and knew exactly what he wanted and we were able to knock this Logo out of the park!


This is more than just a Logo, this is History in the making. The message, symbolism, energy, and intention embedded in this logo is the TRUE reason of it's power. 

The "M" represents the Crown of a King.  The two triangles meet to form the Crown of a King and also symbolize progress, moving in the right direction, and aiming for something greater.

The Motif patterns  are embedded not only to give this Logo a nice touch of aesthetics, but to show respect to the men who have sacrificed their lives before us.

The shape of the "R" was inspired by Queen Nefertiti, as the shape of the "R" on the subconscious resembles the side view of Nefertiti facing to the left. Queen Nefertiti is watching her King and being his foundation and protection. 

Turn the Logo counter clockwise, and you will notice that it begins to take a life of it's own. You will notice the third eye of truth and wisdom. The "R" turns into a Crown of a Queen, since this is Nefertiti. Notice the jewels under the crown. 

A King needs his Queen, and a Queen her King. Without either of the two, there is no foundation, no structure, no stability, and no power. This logo embodies the balance between man and woman, king and queen. 

The colors were carefully chosen for this Logo. These colors were inspired by the Black Liberation Flag, which was developed in the 1920's by the UNIA and supported by Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican political leader, journalist, publisher, and entrepreneur. 

Red is used for the representation of the blood that unities all people of African Ancestry as well as the blood shed for the price of liberation.

Black is used for the "black" people whose existence as a collective, is established by the existence of the flag.

Green is used for the representation of the Motherland and the rich, abundant wealth of Africa.

White is used for the symbol of purity and enlightenment, hence it's placement in the Third Eye.

The typography is by far the most symbolic aspect of this Logo. It is called "Believe". This Logo gives people something to believe in.


In a World filled with injustice, corruption, and no true Leaders, it's very easy for anger, confusion, aggression, and chaos to become the prevailing elements of guidance. 
This is where Men Rebuilding comes in and sets the foundation for a positive change.

Men Rebuilding strives to make a powerful impact in today's world in a peaceful and non-destructive way, by helping our brothers wake up to the power within and to realize the power bestowed by our Creator.