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    Oil and acrylic paintings on rigid surface (board, masonite) Traditionally realistic paintings with strong characters and personalities.
 Illustrations - Paintings from my Archive

In building my new website at jeffreylindberg.com, I wanted to have a section that included paintings from my personal archive. So I searched in my attic, where I knew I had them stored. but I was surprised at how many paintings I had done that I had forgotten about. Some I like more than others, but there are things in each one that I remember liking as I painted them. Like old friends, they have resurfaced- and I want to share some of them now.

"Misty Romance" One of many romance covers I painted in the 1990's.  Oil & Acrylic on board.
"Cat Wonderland?"  I don't remember the name for this one but it was lots of fun to paint all those cats.  Oils and acrylics on board.
"Babysitter with Arielle"  Book Cover.   That's my daughter as a baby- the teenager was a great model!  Oil & Acrylic on board.
"Girl In Diner"  Slice of life. Had forgotten all about this one until I found it in my attic. Oil and acrylics on board.
 "Last Look"  Book cover for children's novel.  Oil & acrylics on board.
 "Babysitter Goes Bats"  Book cover for young adult vampire series. Who knew vampires would be so hot now? Oil & acrylics on board.
"Nutty is a Boy Genius"  Book cover for children's book. Oil & acrylics on board.
"Munchkins in the Woods"  Children's fantasy book cover. Little guys with big feet!  Oil & acrylics on board.
"Educated Pirate?"  Book cover for children's fantasy story.  This model was famous for playing Uncle Sam in many advertisements. Plays a badass pirate here.  Oil & acrylics on board.
Main Street"   Young adult book cover.  Another painting I had forgotten about. Sometimes I like the background more than the foreground, but the girls are cute...  Oil & acrylics on board.
"Back from the Dead"  Children's horror book cover. Zombies are big now too!  Oil & acrylics on board.
"Blind Date"  Children's horror book cover.  This is RL Stine's first book.  Oil & acrylics on board.
"Big Foot"  Children's horror book cover.  I like to imagine how big this guy really is.  Oil & acrylics on board.
"Kid in the Mirror"  Children's fantasy book cover.  Like the background here also.  Oil & acrylics on board.
"Bedroom Romance"  Romance book cover.  Painted with a traditional sepia underpainting, which comes through on the final. Oils on board.
"My Tongue is Quick"  Illustration for National Lampoon.  One of several paintings I did for the magazine- way back when.  Oils and acrylics on board.