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    personal survey done 2012
Proposal for a Highrise and Mixed Used Building, Tokyo
The shapes of the streets affect and define the circulation and the areas inside the building.
Similiar to the urban fabric of Tokyo the highrise complex commands a variety of public spaces for different needs and different levels of density...
'Written' Siteplan
Frequency and flow of movement through the streets and the building 
Base for manifestation of the circulation area
Civic Space
'Internal Street Layout'---Circulation
Scheme facade
Diagrammatic Sections
Conceptual Section                             I                                         Schematic Facade                                                I                                Detailed Section
Entrance Area
Cross Section---Close Up
Possible Variations of Civic Space
Possible Variations of Civic Space---Close Up
Structural Concept---The live, dead and lateral loads vary between the upper and lower parts of the building and therefore require diverse thicknesses.
Cross---Section---Close Up
New set online -- Have a look at 東京都 - Tokyo Metropolis, Illustrations
First attempt
Final versions