Packing for a ball
Football is a kind of sports with huge financial base, but thus a democratic kind of sports, after all to play enough any spherical subject and sometimes a tin. In some countries till now play old leather balls with a lacing. In the packing I wished to transmit spirit of football speed, game drawing, democratic character, and a geographical accessory of the World championship on football 2010. In the form of packing I wished to transmit spatial spirit of game. The spatial sculpture of packing perfectly works as the stand and the attention in shop will draw, unlike ?boxes?. Thus packing is convenient for transferring. At moving packing well works as advertising! A choice material goffered cardboard- it not expensive, democratic material. And its sand colour associates with Africa! At packing there is an irreplaceable element of football equipment a lacing. The lacing theme can be developed and as an identification element to have colours of national colours of modular participants of the championship on Football 2010