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    Visual identity of a design studio
Visual identity

After years spent working at advertising and branding agencies, my partner Mia and I started our own design studio, specializing in visual identities and product packaging. We knew we had to start thinking of ourselves as a product, and begin a process of building our own brand. Because of our approach of designing by the book, and not by the current trend, we positioned ourselves as a more traditional design studio. Naturally, it was important that our visual identity reflects this.

Our studio logotype combines our last names communicating to the public that we stand behind our work. When choosing our studio colors we settled on the tried and true black and white combination, as this would allow us to present our portfolio works with dignity, not interfering with the presentation of work we do for our clients, but enhancing it. Additionally, this simple combination keeps the printing costs down, allows us to use higher quality paper stock, and, when needed, silkscreen our logo onto variety of promotional articles, all with great effect.

We did want some kind of a sign which would lift the conservative font choice of Helvetica. So instead of the & symbol, or a line between our names, infinity symbol helped unify our logotype. To us it represents a flow of ideas, as well as hope that our relationship, business as well as personal, will last.

Our visual identity doesn't stop at the basic stationery, it is part of a coherent system we're gradually building - so we continued it in our studio space with black details (cutout letters on the wall, black and white walls, etc.) Essentially, what we're doing is following what we preach to our clients - that clear and consistent identity builds trust, communicates expertise and efficiency to the customer.
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Logo on the wall of our studio
Our official black dog - Fedra