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Just a barn. Well, not really
Last weekend I was hanging out with a friend who is quite interested in photography. He asked me to take my DSLR since he doesn't have one, and I do. He said that his house was such a boring place to live (he lives on a farm) and that it was impossible to take a decent picture. 

So I went out with my 600D and a tripod to try to prove him wrong. I picked a random place to take the pictures for this project and that became the barn. It was pretty dark so all these were long exposures from about 15-30 seconds. I chose to only use black and white since it suited the place.

I think it's quite interesting that if you live somewhere, you look at that place differently. He really liked the photo's and found it strange that he never thought that taking pictures at a simple barn could reward you with some nice stuff. This is a thing that every photographer should know, don't judge a place for what it is. Try to look differently at it.