Photographs of my ad for ROLF Spectacles Shop in Vienna
In April 2016 I made three drawings as ads for the wonderful ROLF Spectacles company. Those works were destined to be hung up in the windows of their shop in Vienna.

Since 14th of June all three works (enlarged three times) are displayed and can bee seen in the windows of their shop in Vienna, which is situated in the very heart of the city - Franziskanerplatz. It is right next to one of the most famous cafes in the city - Kleines Cafe.

Because I do not live in Vienna anymore, sadly, I cannot see them hanging there with my own eyes. But I asked a dear and trusted friend to go there for me and take some photographs of my works in the shop display. So, Tobias Danz Photography did it and took these beautiful images. I am immensely grateful to him for this!

Each drawing I made measured 20x40cm and were drawn on A3 size drawing paper. The materials used were as simple as that - loads of Pilot Pure Liquid Ink V-Ball 0.7 mm Pens.

These drawings were some of the most time time consuming and delicate I have ever done, so I really hope you like the result as well as the photographs!

Thank you for viewing and reading!



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