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In the summer of 2016, Mattel launched My Mini MixieQ’s™, a new line of cute mini-collectible figures. 

Working alongside the Mattel team, Doublespace was charged with creating a mobile app that introduces My Mini MixieQ’s™ to kids ages 6 to 8 and was responsible for the overall UX/UI, visual design, and development. The objectives were for kids to get to know the characters, be able to create a virtual gallery and a wish list, and play two mini games. The first mini-game, Pop + Swap, lets kids combine different outfits and hair to create their own unique characters who they can name, give a personality, and save to their gallery. The other mini game, Matchup, allows kids to test their memory skills by matching the correct hair, body, and outfit to different My Mini MixieQ’s they are shown. For both games, users earn stars in order to advance to the next the level. 

My Mini MixieQ’s, and its app prove it’s hip to be cube!