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St. Louis Urban Monastery

Comprehensive Design Studio, Spring 2012Studio Critic: David Bertolini
Location: Downtown St. Louis, Missouri
This project calls for the design of a Benedictine Monastery in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. At a prime location along the Gateway Mall, the monastery would become both a beacon and source for nourishment to both the monks and hungry.
The final design centers around a tripartite concept of nature, sacredness, and secularity. As a result, the relationship between the monk’s cloister and the hungry’s soup kitchen garden became the driving force for the overall scheme. The building form physically captures this collision between the sacred and the profane.
 Project Booklet
Urban Cloister + Garden
Ground Floorplan
Second Floorplan
Third Flooplan
Fourth Floorplan
Building Wall Section
Sectional Model
Program Analysis
Sectional Perspective

Cohesive set of posters to explore various design parameters, including materials, structure, surface, and overall concept
Concept Poster
Materiality Poster
Structure Poster
Surface Poster