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    A serie of fil poster done for "Dérapages" a film about youth car accidents.
Dérapages (driftings): A film about youth speed culture. 
When your life and the one of your family and friends is shatered by a car accident.

Context: Youth car accident is a very important problem in Québec where 24% of car accidents with injuries are caused by drivers between the age of 16 and 24 years old (even if they only represent 10% of the drivers). Paul Arcand, a well know journalist and documentarist decided to produce a film about this problem, trying to understand this phenomenon and to let people that experienced tragic car accidents or had frends or family that experienced it talk about their experience and feelings. The result was a very touching movie that is raising a lot of awareness on this sad subject.

Solution: I decided to create a serie of posters that were showing in a semi anonymus way some of the peoples presented in the documentary with their portrait beeing broken like glass as their lives that were shattered by these dramatic car crashes that happened to their friends or family. I wanted to have some kind of a commercial looking posters that looked cool and that were very intriging because this movie had to appeal to youths and convincing them to go see a documentary is not an easy task! These posters drafts proposals were unfortunalety not the final chosen proposal.