Mercedes-Benz is the world’s best automobile: this title has stuck to the flagship model since its inception. In 2016 Daimler has launched the new E-Class with revolutionary Interior design and new model features. The brand goal was to create awareness of new car and generate traffic to dealers centers. Our media task was get quality and extended contacts with consumer via the most engaging formats. 

High-yield businessmen are very demanding audience, obsessed with quality in everything that surrounds them and conservative in their habits. It is very hard to surprise them and very hard toreach. But they love technological innovations and open to new solutions.

The best way to demonstrated the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class as highly innovative and technological car was to connect offline and mobile communication by using new tech solutions without destroying the audience media habits. We decided to transformed E-Class traditional print creatives into fruitful dialogue with the consumer by using new Shazam visual recognition technology that allows to connect with the brand online.

We placed Mercedes-Benz ad in 24 glossy magazines and newspapers. Each of the 5 new E-Class features which were demonstrated in this print layout were marked with 5 Shazam logos. Each Shazam mark after visual recognition redirected the user to the 5 respective video on Youtube. This project allowed us to gather statistics on each message and gave us the opportunity to evaluate consumer’s response on each of E-Class feature.