Our team was formed by an inspired group of 5 transportation design 
students from IED Barcelona in order to reach a goal we all had in
common, our ambition to develop much more than just a racing car, solving problems to transportation design.

The team disposes of 3rd year students from various multicultural values around the world, which expanded our perception of what future racing competition could look like in this six weeks project.

We are proud to announce the T1 as a reflection of our vision towards what could be considered as the ¨Future of Le Mans¨ Developing new Michelin technologies, in order to give further solutions, to improve future energy efficiency and high levels of performance.

Our project consists of a free standing wheel, strictly based on the Gorlov wind turbine concept. The eolic system was incorporated into the wheel concept in order to provide an independent air suction turbine, in each and every one of the four wheels, which canalizes the air through ducts into the fifth and biggest turbine at the  back tail, pulling it out again, creating the holy grail of renewable energy. With more acceleration more power.

Design Team:
Miguel Angel Bahri
Omar Alfarra Zendah
Federico Adolfo Abascal
Abelardo Bahri

Presentation & Graphics:
Kevin Morales Di Santiago