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RFI has a great story to tell!

Shari Finger Design LLC designed RFI's Annual Reports and Annual Report folders/wraps for the past six years – each with a unique communications design strategy and visual theme.

In addition to the print collateral, Shari Finger Design LLC designed exhibition panels for their design center at their corporate headquarters and a series of full page color ads for their King Air I-Shades campaign.

Shari takes great pride in her long-term relationship with RFI. 

“There are some people that will go the extra mile for a client. Shari will go beyond the extra mile and sometimes run an extra marathon! The first time we hired Shari was to do a major redesign of our Annual Report. We hired here six times since because of the excellent work she did, plus her creative ideas and also her focus on our budget. We were so pleased with her work that she has done other strategic projects for our company. Shari seems to delight in exceeding peoples’ expectations!  I can recommend her without any hesitation or reservations. You will enjoy the experience and will enjoy the final product very much.”

Joseph M. Harary 
CEO and President

“Top Qualities: Great Results. High Integrity. Creative. I was limited to choosing three top qualities, and Shari represents a very rare case where this is insufficient. The others are Personable, Expert, Good Value, and On Time. Combined with the three I chose, all seven are equally top. Shari has worked with my company on several very high-profile projects and in every case has exceeded our expectations, and we are a VERY demanding company. In addition to the extraordinary creative and design work she has delivered for all projects, she also expertly navigated through the complex and sometimes conflicting viewpoints of various parties that result from our business model involving many companies. She is also an expert project manager, is reachable at any hour of any day, and does everything with an energetic and positive attitude. You can be very, very confident that your relationship with her will be a rewarding and successful business decision.”

Michael LaPointe
Vice President of Marketing

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Various design ideas for covers and spreads presented to client for Annual Report/10K Media Kit Folder.