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    Air-tree is a air conditioner for 360 degrees. The motive for ‘Air-tree’ design is a base of a tree. New life style came ; it creates innovative … Read More
    Air-tree is a air conditioner for 360 degrees. The motive for ‘Air-tree’ design is a base of a tree. New life style came ; it creates innovative air-conditioning with different concept and function compared with another air conditioner. Read Less
Problems of existing air conditioners

Air control is an electronic device that can lower indoor temperature. It usually located the corner of the house because of its big size and the feature that it blows window only to front side. Also the feature that can only freeze near air, it need a lot of time and energy to lower the temperature of other side of the air.
For this kinds of features, people normally don’t use air conditioner when they are alone. It’s no efficient to using a lot of energy for one’s cooling. There is a fan which is using as a one’s cooling system, fan only makes artificial wind, it cannot solve fundamental lowing indoor temperature not like the air conditioner. 
‘Air-tree’ is an air conditioner that can spread cold air into 360 degrees. It can spread all the way through, it can efficiently decrease in door’s temperature by locating middle of the house. The remote control of the air condition usually gets together with its body so it doesn’t disrupt the view and also the danger of loss is small.

Air-tree’s cool mode has two modes. One is cooling all around indoor, and the other is send a cold wind to only one person. These modes can choose by that the remote control is attached to the air conditioner’s body.
To use the air conditioner, top of wooden board goes up and the cold wind spread in indoor. You can control the wind power by the level of the wooden board separately from the power of the wind that spread in indoor. When the wooden boards are low, you can increase the wind’s power, contrary to this when the wooden board are high you can decrease it.
When separate cooling is needed, the user can separate remote control from the body and move it. When remote control is separated from the body, the body itself turns and sends wind to the user’s direction.
Air-tree can spread cold wind in to 360 degrees, it is efficient that the location has to be in the middle. indoors middle point is also the space that has a lot of stuffs, air conditioner’s top head is designed just like a table that can put any stuffs on it. 
Air-tree existing air conditioning and is completely the structure of different ways. 360 for ejecting the wind in all directions, all the structure is circular. It located in the center of the expansion valve and the propeller is air-conditioned, and an evaporator located in the surrounding. After which the air sucked by the cooling of the bottom and the top ejection.